They call it the Windy City....

Because of days like this.  I don't think it got as windy as they predicted last night but  certainly enough to make the walls of the house shake a bit every time it hit hard.  We took down our Tomato hanger last night all of in the dark with dirt swirling all around us trying to get the bag all cleaned out.  I was surprised by how many tomatoes I still had growing.  They were mostly green but still....  So the wind is still going not much rain left but it's gusting once in awhile.  Poor Emily had to take her Trombone to school today and the case was catching the wind as she tried to walk.  Hopefully it will die down by this afternoon.

So the card above is another from my Fall Flower Soft Fun Class this Thursday!  Be sure to check out the new November Calendar and samples for classes that are starting to come in daily.  Flickr is pretty up to date.