How was your Weekend?

Somehow we seemed to go from Winter to Cold to Rain to 90 and humid here!  So our weekend was great well if your into sunny and hot!  I'm not sure where our spring went?  I remember thinking 2 weeks back I was still too worried about a frost to plant flowers and yesterday I was sad I didn't have any on this bright sunny summer day.  Oh well I'll get it done by this weekend!    Anyway we had Copic Classes and Dance Recital this weekent.  Copic 101 and 201 were great nice groups for both classes.  The kids and Dave went to dress rehersal while I taught and then brought me lunch between classes they were so cute!   We grilled steaks(sort of) for dinner and had our first corn on the cob of summer.  The steaks were more FLAMED than grilled since I found them on fire soon after I put them on the grill and the corn on the cob was expensive and a little bland, but you know what we ate all of everything and loved it since it was the first time of the season! HA  Sunday was the actual Recital and the girls did FABULOUS!  Emily had a staring roll so she got to move to a dressing room out of the cafeteria with the little girls.  I didnt' get to see her much of the show but when I was taking Abbi's class to and from the stage.  I did get to sneak backstage and watch her tap!   Grandma came to watch and stayed for lunch afterwards.   Everyone was exhausted when it was all over but it was a super successful dance season with our park district.  Now we can walk home from school  on Wednesdays since we don't have dance right after school anymore!  Woo Hoo well for the next 2 Wed anyway!  HA

The card above is a style card I made last summer as a sample for our LSS which I didn't work for at the time.  Then I made it again as gifts for friends, teachers, family around the holidays with some locally grown honey.  And now I'm adding it to my Etsy Shop mostly because I love to color this hive so much!

Hope your having a wonderful Monday and Wonderful Sunny Summerlike Day!  I know I am I just brought in the sun tea and I'm going to settle down and create with a tall icey glass!


Belinda said…
Lovely card and fab coloring!