Snow is on the Ground!

Ok it's just a dusting! But there was snow. It's melting sort of. It will be gone by afternoon and no one will ever know it was here! Well my Kids will! They were like FINALLY SNOW! Just working on all of my Holiday gifts this weekend got tons I'm making.

Last night was the C.A.R.S. holiday bash. Those ladies are so inspiring if you could have seen the beautiful hand knitted, decoupaged, stamped, painted, sewn, baked......OMG the gifts were amazing! Very inspiring plus they are just so fun! I'm thankful to them for bringing so much joy to everyone around them!

So this pic is really really really old. I took it the beginning of November when we were taking down the Halloween Decorations Dave used the spider web that goes up our entire banister as his beard. HO HO HO!!! You know it was one of those moments where you are running for the camera and grabbing just to get the shot! Sorry it's so blurry! I couldn't resist though!