Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Been Snowing All Day!

It has totally been snowing all day.  Although there seems to be less on the ground now than this morning.  I think it's melting and snowing at the same time?  Is that possible? It is supposed to snow all night long.   Dianne mentioned we may have to have our furry friends pull us to work on sleds tomorrow!  HA

So things are good here.  My class last night was great today was more cleaning and organizing.  Tonight is my last dance class for the year.  Sad but it's good it gets harder around the holidays.  I've added more stuff to the Etsy store.  I have tons more to add this week to mine and Horsefeathersupply.  I've been putting off editing photos until I can wait no longer.  EEEK 

The pic is my 2010 photo Calendar I'll be teaching this class at the store.  Love how it turned out.  and the colors!

Have a great day!


Belinda said...

Looks awesome!

Kathi said...

The calendar looks wonderful!

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