New Neighbors and Cool Weather

It's been a rough couple of weeks. So I'll just do highlights. New neighbors which we've had for awhile but didn't want to bother them until recently. I made this card to go with our gift for them using the OddBirdPlanet Tall House and some fun Aqua papers. Colored with Copics. The words are by Stampin Up.

Then we had the lice scare at school, luckily not in our house yet but Emily had to get a change of clothes one day since her locker buddy had it. EEEK We're obsessed with checking now. I completed the walk for Diabetes a couple of weeks ago. We had perfect weather. WCMD at the store was nutty but good! Finally got through the Pink Crop. The kids were off a couple of days but had sore throats and no voices most of the time. They were over it in time to head back to school. Reflections is coming to a close for entries. And then My Grandma Vera passed away 2 Sundays ago. Sooo sad she will be so greatly missed. We had the memorial service this past weekend. All of the family was together which was wonderful but farewells are always hard. Hopefully I can touch on more fun stuff in coming weeks. I do have a bunch of fun projects to add!


Kathi said…
The card is adorable.

My condolences on your loss.