Wednesday Afternoon Update

So I just got back about 20 min ago. He was doing great today. When I got there Harold was leaving, I'll miss him but he was getting out so that's cool. Dave's Mom was there and so was his lunch. He was waiting for someone to come and help him into the washroom and then he was going to sit down and eat some of the things on the tray. He had half an Italian Ice and some Grape Juice along with some ice water. His eyes look tons better and the swelling in his face has gone done tremendously. He did another walk around the nurses station.

There were some Flowers from the ONV which are Beautiful and very cheery! Along with a Cookie Bouquet of bears frosted like dr's and nurses. Very adorable and all the nurses had to come in and look at it. He was excited to get email from those that sent it he read it and asked me to save it and says THANK YOU to everyone for everything!

So we sat and talked for a couple hours. He keeps apologizing for falling asleep, not talking a lot, that Abbi was a little freaked out last night etc. He's very worried about everyone else. He doesn't remember the accident from the moment he fell on. The Ambulance, ER and ICU he doesn't remember.

There still giving him the anti-biotic and the anti-nausea medication through his IV. It's looking good for tomorrow or maybe Friday at the latest for him to come home.

The girls and I are heading over after homework and dinner so I'll report more this evening!