Update Thursday(Dave) A day late!

Sorry about that it's crazy around here getting ready for Halloween Parties and such. So Dave seems calmer since seeing the Dr. he is less upset about doing nothing which seemed to be bothering him. He got to take a shower and be on the computer yesterday. I left him alone to go to kindergym and run errands and he did fine. The play dates may get the best of him? The pain is still there in his back and legs pretty bad but he's started the steroids for the swelling. I just wish he would actually eat something other than a banana and a slice of bread a day.

Today I have big plans for him he'll be putting together goodie bags for the class party later and cutting and tracing pieces for the project. He has a lot of work to do while I look for the licorice needed to do our pumpkin cookies! That's all for now! Happy Halloween!