Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy WCMD Doodling Challenge - LinneCards

Lots of World Card Making Day Challenges going on at LinneCards! The challenge here is to completely doodle a card. No templates no stamps just some pens and a ruler. Ok I cheated I added some stickles after the fact but I had to tie in the red didn't I? HA any excuse to use glitter!
American Crafts and Millennium my favorite pens!
Starting with a simple shape!
Keep adding see I draw like a 1st grader! Well that's not true I know 1st graders that draw better than me!
Ok so now it's a mess I know we're going to fix and cover that up!
Here we've started adding lines to cover up all my messiness! And begin to fix any visible errors. I shaded the lines with different size tips. Start with wide spaced lines tip 05 and work down to them very close together and tip 001. As you can see I don't measure anything just started filling in with lines!
Now with my ruler and my 08 tip I build a frame around the card that I can then build more doodling off of.
I go back inside with the 03 tip and the ruler I love the way this looks. After all that is done I just add all kinds of leaves, swirlies and circles to again cover any flaws and or mistakes! (Aren't I sneaky?)
I'll be back later in the day with a painting challenge! Have fun playing today!


Dianne said...

You are a Master Doodler!! I love this card!

Kathi said...

Gorgeous! When I first saw it, I didn't realize it was doodled.

You really are a great doodler!