Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Current Favorite Layout & It's Getting Chilly!

This layout is my current favorite. I created it for a ScrapPink Challenge over at LinneCards. I adore this photo of Dave and the girls they were on their way to the Daddy Daughter Dance! They were so excited to get dressed up, have their hair done and go for dinner and dancing with Daddy! Anyway we did challenges around songs. Since I'm the mom of 2 little Hannah Montana fans for this one I chose the song "7 Things " by Miley Cyrus. The girlies love to play it loud! Of course the October Afternoon paper is my favorite as well! Sidenote: I have been searching my hard drive for this layout for about 45 min now. I just uploaded a week ago to the website. How on earth did it get lost in some bizzar folder in just a week? GREMLINS!

So things are crazy here. House coming together still! We had cheer 2 nights in a row this week but now we're done until the weekend which is weird to be off so many days in a row. Ahhhhhh no rushing around like a maniac for a few days.

Oooh did I mention I started teaching Kindergym last week. Oh my this is funny! I have 5 little kindergartners in my group. My favorite(besides my own child) has to be Kyle! When I was asking each of them their names he stood up straight stuck his little chin out and very seriously informed me that he was Kyle and this(the girl next to him) was Sam and she was his Girlfriend. Sam just agreed to that(she's about 2 inches taller than him!) and smiled. He cracks me up! Apparently he is a Tiny Mite player, which Dave learned when he took Ab's to a party at Chucky Cheese for a classmate. Dave was wearing a Hawks shirt and Kyle wanted to know if he played for the Hawks too and what team. I supposed Dave could be a Junior Pee Wee or a Midget player. Or maybe he's just on the Unlimited team. HA Anyway I digress back to Kindergym. Oh my their funny we worked on various animal walks. They loved the snake which meant I had to slither along the gym floor! This of course was my least favorite I kept pushing for the Giraffe(far away from the floor)! HA I also learned I suck at Army Navy Mr. Harris' (the Real gym teacher) favorite game! I swear I can't listen well! Ab's however is really good she and one other little boy were the last ones standing! I told Mr. Harris she doesn't listen that well at home! BUSTED.........................

OOH it's getting late YIKES! I'm still trying to get warm since the temps have dropped. I refuse to turn on the heat since it may still get warm again! So now I have to go curl up under the Down Comforter and try to get toasty! Have a great day!


Rita said...

I can see why this is your current favorite layout -- it's just gorgeous Marnie! Love the color scheme.

Kindergym sounds so fun -- and hilarious! I would love to come and observe! :)

Dianne said...

Your layout is absolutely perfect Marnie! I love the photo of Dave and the can just see how happy they are to be going to the Father Daughter Dance!