Puppy Party Pics

These were the dog houses(that Dave built) and puppies ready for the party guest to arrive and pick them! Each child chose a puppy and named it then went into the kitchen to decorate their dog house. Randi and I, determined breed, filled out birth certificates and made sure the puppies name was on his house via the little bone.
These are the cupcakes Dianne and I decorated.
More cupcakes.
These are the dog dishes we served the food out of. This seems to be the only color Walmart carries which is fine everything matched but we had to go to 2 stores to get all the bowls we needed. Then we stamped doggy words on them.
I made puppy chow(rice chex, peanut butter,chocolate chips and pwd. sugar) Yummy. We also had Scooby Snacks, Pretzels and Bagel Dogs(they went in the empty bowls they were baking when I took this pic). The grapes are because I thought maybe the meal was a bit toooooo unhealthy. I cut out and baked the sugar cookies and turned them into place cards for each child.
After decorating the dog houses the girls did a dog show and they each signed the autograph doggy, in the family room to music then moved on to lunch. Once that was done we had them outside with more of these bowls doing some water relay games. Then it was inside for cupcakes and presents. After all was said and done we had 10 min to spare before parents picked up and I had set up the disco ball in the FR while they were outside so they did some freeze dancing. We also gave them a doggy calendar and in their cups was a dog collar bracelet, some candy, more cookies and doggy tattoos.
Here is a shot of some of the puppies getting ready to go home! All in all I think it went very well. Considering it was my first kids party. I mean I have b-day parties for family and friends every year but never just kids. I think they had fun and Emily loved it!


Too cute. We did a puppy party one year too...had boxes for the kids to sit in and cocoa roos for "dog food". Adorable cupcakes and gifts!
Paula said…
OMG, it looks like you guys had a fun time. Great job on everything! Man, you are always thinking. Gotta love that.
Dianne said…
Everything turned out perfectly...what a terrific party you planned!
Rita said…
Okay -- you are amazing! This is the CUTEST party idea I have seen EVER!!! Seriously -- my daughter would flip over something like this. Great job!!!

Hope you've had a great summer! I'll catch up with you more soon!
justjohanna said…
looks like it was so fun!
CĂ©line said…
You've really got fantastic parties'ideas in United States! We're so boring in France ;-) I think children remember this special day all their life. I keep this idea for my daugther's birthday, even if she's still too young ;_)
Eleanor said…
What a fun creative idea!
Thanh said…
Oh my gosh!!! How adorable. I hope you will be scrapbooking these photos one day.
christine said…
What a terrific party you planned!
What an awesome party idea! My girls would LOVE this! The cupcakes are perfect!