Time for a Challenge!

Scraps Scraps and More Scraps. We all have them but the question is what do we do with them. How about making a card or 2 or 5 if your like me and save all your leftover bits and pieces! So here is my current scrap box.
I Challenge you to gather your scraps into a pile and pull out a few patterned and cardstock pieces and stamp out something wonderful. Here are the scraps I pulled out of my box.
Here is my sample card. I die cut the tub and accessories. The bubbles are punched with hand punches and the mirror is a scallop and circle punch. I just cut the rug out with deco scissors. Stamps used Flying Al, Thought Bubble, Little Al and Alistair all by justjohanna. The bubbles are accented with souffle and glaze pens. I also did the tub edge and legs with glaze pens!
Once you've completed your challenge post a link to your art either here or on the message board to be entered in the drawing for the Awesome justjohanna prizes listed below. To be entered in the drawing links must be posted by 12am PST Sunday evening or Monday morning if you wish.
Also be sure to head over and check out all the other designer challenges and the gallery for tons of inspiration. Above all be sure to have a Happy Earth Day!


Noel said…
Hi, Emily,

I LOOOOOOOOVE to keep all my scraps.

Although, I didn't make a card, but I made another project by using my scraps. Just wanna share with you.

Noel said…
OMG!!! Marnie,

I'm so so sorry.
Okay, it's 12:45AM in Houston. I'm sorry to call you the wrong name. It won't happen again. I promise.
emi(rubita) said…
I was able to enjoy it by your wonderful theme and sample. Thank you.

kimosabescraps said…
okay here is mine... (i"m sure I"ll have more but this the last challenge... think I've done em all! lol and I"m tired!)


i'll be creating with scraps for the next week now!

Kim faucher
Beth Norman said…
he he he, your three owls in a tub is funny. Great card!
Kathi Rerek said…
I love your owls in a tub card. It's pure eye candy and total genius.

Yep. I love it!