Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What is Normal???

Today I feel like things are back to normal..... Normal after what? February? Snow? Cold? Days Off School? Winter? I have no idea. It's sunny and 30 outside and I feel like finally things are back to some sort of routine. I know there really is no routine and this peace and calm can go away at any mintue but I'm happily sitting here typing this anyway! We can see some small patches of grass for the first time in months it seems. There is more snow coming but for the moment it's sunny and the giant piles we have are shrinking! I can even see around the ones at the corners now to pull my car out onto the streets around here without getting hit! Phew! It's the little things you know! HA

So I have eye candy to share! First how stinkin cute is that BARN? Does anyone remember those barn shaped party invites I paper pieced and shaded???? If only this stamp existed then how easy would my life(and Dianne's and my Mom's and everyone else that cut and glued with me) have been? Anyway this is from the new release justjohanna stamps! There are cute cows and lots of kitchen stuff like stoves, mixing bowls, pots and pans etc. there are mushrooms and the cutest bed oooh the stage and fancy ladies with powdered wigs. I could go on forever you have to go and check it out for yourself? While your there take a look a the new kits Johanna is offering! OMG they are so cool you're going to FLIP!

Just for good measure here is a little inspiration for you! The first one uses the Grand Teacup. It's hard to see here but the teacups are shiny like china thanks to my handy glaze pen. The second one just fun using some owls Dianne loaned me and the clouds!


Erin K said...

hoo are you hoo hoo is the most adorable thing ever!

I'm excited about the new jj stamps too. :)

Heather Grow said...

OMG those owls on the telephone wire are so cute. I love your teacups too.

Dianne said...

Hurray! You've posted my two most favorite cards ever!

Rita said...

These cards are gorgeous! Love, love those teacups and the owls are too cute!