Happy Birthday Abs!

5 years ago today during a blizzard I gave birth to my littlest Baby who is so not a baby anymore. She isn't even a toddler anymore. I don't know what happened it seems like yesterday in between contractions chatting with the Dr. about the Salmon Migration waiting for Dave to make in to the hospital through the snow. It's time to sign her up for Kindergarten and it's all moving just a little too quick! She had a great day though except for the part where she asked me if she was really 5 now and not 4 anymore. I told her yes she was really 5 now. She ran upstairs to where we measure them in their room and came down crying and blubbering she wasn't 5 she was still 4 and showing me how she wasn't this tall. Then I had to explain that that was her height and not her age. She's still skeptical, because you know Mommy might be fibbing to her to get her to stop crying, but she accepted it and moved on for the time being. The dinner request was shrimp scampi and spaghetti which she loved and actually asked for seconds(she has never done that except pizza and candy of course). Then we got a tray of mini cupcakes decorated with candy from the store for dessert! Who could ask for more?

Anyway here is s card I made using Doodlebug and justjohanna stamps. I colored the circle dot cake with glaze pens it's shiny and bright IRL.


Dianne said…
Happy, Happy 5th Birthday Abbi!!!!
Dianne said…
Great card Marnie!

The cards you make are gorgeous!
Rita said…
Happy belated b-day to Miss Abbi! Love the story about her measuring herself to check her age...that is so sweet and funny!