I wish I were 4 again!

How's that for a title? I do wish I were 4 again and I could stomp my foot and pout and make everything I wanted appear! Just like that and just in case it didn't I would cry! Ahhhhhhh I love being the mother of an emotional 4 year old! Today I was told and I quote "It's not good having a Mommy!" through the tears after I informed her she could not have candy! How do you respond to that? I am generally sarcastic so I say things like "Sucks doesn't it" which only makes the crying worse because of my lack of sympathy with her plight! Oh well at least she has stopped saying "Your the meanest Mommy in the world!" which mean Mommy that I am I forbid her to say unless she really wanted a time out! Hopefully this is just a phase or a growth spurt or some such thing that will pass and it will not last all the way into teendom which is when I totally plan to start mixing Vitamin-V with various cocktails just to get through the day! I'm trying very hard not have to go there just yet after all I will be the mother of 2 teenage girls and what do I have to look forward to? For those that know me going back know this is what my parents wished on me every time I acted out!

Anyhoo now that I've vented that I feel much better and just in case everyone thinks I'm raising mean girls. Here is a card I made for my oldest daughter. For Christmas she got her own die cutting system Cuttlekids. She was so excited she asked if we could sit down and make cards on Christmas day together so here is what I made for her. The paper is DCWV she loves the pinks and blues. The die cuts are Cuttlebug and Sizzix(I used my machine not hers, she has a really cute dog I'm going to borrow soon though!). The stamps are justjohanna XOXO big(jj mix). And the glitter is Stickles yet again! They really are loveable most of the time! We've just had a little too much time together as of late!


Dianne said…
Adorable card Marnie. And I think you're a wonderful Mommy...you handle all of it very well...the good and the bad!
Heather Grow said…
Great card. I love the xoxo's.