That's me for the last couple of days! I woke up yesterday with an entirely new voice! Most of the annoying part is gone now I just talk like Kathleen Turner! Hee Hee! That and Dave will have to go out tonight alone I need to not be hanging out at D&B's with his gang! They'd think I was a mute!

So don't want to talk about that today! Today I want to talk about one of my favorite places here in my neighborhood! My Library! We have a little branch library in the middle of our development it's small and mostly comprised of kids books, movies, music and magazines. So why is it my favorite. Well for one my kids love to go there each week it's a fun place where everyone is really nice and they see all their friends there. But mostly because our BIG Main library is in town and it has every book imaginable and it has a wonderful online catalog you can search and search and reserve books online any time day or night! Then the ladies that work here call me and tell me my book as arrived and if it's nice we can walk over and get it or I can stop on one of my many runs to a school! The online experience is so wonderful I love that I can see what all that's new has arrived this week and reserve those. I can be on my favorite authors list, which means when that author writes something new the Library puts my name on the hold list as soon as they order the book. Plus new popular picks are usually 3 day check outs but if your on the hold list you not only get them first but for 3 weeks as well! The other thing I like is that I can look at the NY Times best seller list and reserve books off of that as well! I love being able to do all of this while I'm at my computer at home anytime. I can look at cook books, new fiction, bestsellers etc. etc. without having to run up and down the stairs at the library with 2 kids in tow! It really is a win win all around! Not that I don't love my Main Library I do they are open late they are open on Sunday they have a huge Circulation which means there are very few times I can't find a book I'm looking for.(Dave has issues but his history books are a little obscure a lot of times!) Not to mention it's a beautiful library! Plus the kids love going there they have crafts and things for them to do etc. Also now if something is coming due and I'm not done with it I can go online and click renew anytime! Plus last year Em had issues with the Library at school being out of books she wanted so we would just go online type it in and wait for it to come she was totally fine with that, no more stress about her library visits at school. The online thing is just so convenient!

What brought this on. Nothing really we went there the other day Abbi, Randi and I and it was wonderful but I didn't check one thing out for myself. I helped Abbi pick out some books we picked out some books for Emily from her favorite series and I helped Abbi do a craft! Usually when I'm around that many books I have to take one home with me I can't not! It just got me thinking!

Everyone should have a library that does this! If you don't know if your Library does this check it out, call or go online ours was never really advertised I have just learned some of these things by exploring on my own!

So enough about that! Here is another in a string of layouts I've been working on! Again using a Sugardumplin Kit(September Seasonal). Loved the happy colors of this kit they will go so well with so many things going on this month. And I have to say I used every single brad in the kit on this one layout. I never planned it that way and I was thinking I might run out, and have to call Dianne, but no I used the exact number that was in the kit. What are the odds?
Have a great day!


Dianne said…
Love, love, love the color in this beautiful layout...that yellow makes me happy!!!!
Dianne said…
Oh...and you did have a very interesting voice on the phone today...very seductive...I bet Dave loves it!