Summer is here? I think?

Well today it is the humidity is at 95% and the sun is shining! We've finally found summer I think. Yesterday was rather cool though and rainy so we'll see. I took the girls to the dentist in Northbrook yesterday and can you say Cicada's? I didn't see any but the sound was deffening! It sounded like a hundred mowers going at a time! YIKES! Anyhoo we are putting the pool up for Abbi! She is dying to play in the water! At least it will be up until school is out and we can head over to the big pool!

So where have I been what have I been doing? Lets see I think I mentioned my Mom was coming up. She and Joel drove up this Motor Home! It was really cool! They parked at the grocery store by our house in the very back of the lot, thus the trees. While they where here we shopped and took Em to school did a bit of exploring! I got my new cookbook from B&N Great Food Fast (returned the library's copy! HA) and this Yummy soap from William-Sanoma I've put away my pine sented soap for now! This is so wonderful smelling! We ate at Claim Jumpers again and had the most amazing pot pie! Then the last night they were here we all went to the Weber Grill for dinner I had the halibut OOOOOOHHHH MY! It really was a good food fest weekend since in the begining I slow cooked a ton of short ribs until they were falling off the bone! We had that to nibble on as well! They've taken their foodie ways on the road with them to MN to visit the new baby Jayce. The Momma and new baby need the food I need to go to the gym and stay there for a week or ten!

Wednesday was our Girl Scout Ceremony the girls did a wonderful job! So did Korene organzing our first every school wide event! We are now looking forward to our camping trip next week! Yesterday was the dentist as I said and today is Field Days at school, Randi, Abbi and I went to breakfast and I got my nails done! It's been a busy week to say the least! But next is the last week of school and hopefully everything will calm way down!

Today is my first day on a couple of DT's first assignments for justjohanna have been turned in and our galleries will be updated soon. Here is a sneak peak of a card I sent in for the gallery kick off! This is what it's like around here at the moment bee's everywhere!
Coming soon some stuff for my other new team Linne Cards! They launch June 3rd so it's a secret! HA Now to go catch up on my 100's of emails! Have a great day!


Dianne said…
That motor coach is just amazing...I'd like to move right in.