MIA and Fun Stuff Too

So yes I've been missing! I've had some medical issues for over a week. Suffice it to say I have a kidney infection and kidney stones. Non of which have been pleasant but I am on the mend. Hopefully! At least now I can sit, stand and lay down! Before I couldn't do any for any length of time. At least my Dr. has been humorus about it all the while sending me for a battary of tests and prescriptions. Phew can't wait to feel completely normal!

Just started getting ready for Easter Friday so I'm doing catch up playing old EB tonight!

At the Chalet we are uploading our first chall layout. I'm of course having technical difficulties(there's always one in every group, this time it's me!). So here's a sneaky peaky at what I did!


Rita said…
Hope you're feeling better!