Hello Again Hello!

Been a bit busy! But in a good way! So I tried to enter the Hello Card Challenged at PaperCrafts Magazine but my card never appeared in their gallery it's in mine over there but not in the gallery anyone can see. Not really sure what I did wrong? So I thought I would share here!

Also this week was Challenge #2 over at the Chalet! We used a sketch of a round layout and were told the layout had to be round. That was a challenge. Once the layout was complete scanning was just as much of a challenge. So anyway here is that layout!

I taught Em how to look up books and request them from the library online! OH MY! Between her and I we will be at the Library daily! I do love this feature though it's like buying books online only free and I don't have to find a place to store them! HA On a sad note our Library's June book sale has been cancelled. I'm a Friend of the Library and we've done a couple curbside pickups with 2 more coming but still don't have enough books to crate! So it looks as if we may do a sale in the fall. It's kind of a bummer we generally have a FABULOUS sale with thousands and thousands of books it will be missed this summer! I was talking to the lady that chairs this fundraiser she thinks it's because Little City is taking over a large charity event in the city. Hope this doesn't mean we'll go from 3 to 1 sale a year that would be a bummer!

The girls walked last night in the Walk-A-Thon for the School, to raise money for the climbing wall. They had a good time. Em went around 6 time and Abbi 4. Abs won a prize for being 1000 to cross the finish line!
I missed the Schnockers event at Paula's last night! Dave really wanted to go to Galena and reinact at the Grant House with his friends. After he missed the TN event earlier this month I thought he should get to go play! So the girlies and I are hanging this weekend. We got a stack of movies from the Library, including Happy Feet and we might go out on a mission to find a new Pink Dolly! Such big big plans! It's supposed to get into the 70's here so we are going to bask outdoors and maybe loose our winter chill!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Rita said…
Sounds like you've been a busy girl! Love the round layout -- it turned out so great! Sad about the book sale! I used to go to a great library sponsored book sale when we lived in Kansas -- always looked forward to it! Hope you're feeling better these days!