Another Card & Slap Slap Slap!

Ok so today was ICKY with a capital I. The wind was howling the snow was blowing and it was cold! Emily likes to remind me the *#$^&^%(she doesn't say this) groundhog didn't see his shadow! HA It's CHICAGO BABY we have winter 8 months out of the year! NEVER ENDING!

Ok so whining aside Dianne, Abs and I headed to the JoAnn's sale. Not really much I needed/wanted I did get a couple Cuttlebug things nested stars and the invite embossing plate. An accessory pack that had heart rhinestones in it a Sizzix guy and lots of pink buttons(I lost mine last week, I'm sure I'll find them now!). Oooh and lest I forget some more shamrock decorations for Abbi's b-day party! Her Lucky Birthday as she likes to say!

Last night I distributed our groups Swap cards. Here is my contribution to the swap. My categorary was Masculine Birthday.

I'll post the rest over at the Schnockered Blog tomorrow.

We moved scrapping to Thursdays for awhile since Ana's DH decided to take a class on Tue & Wed and Thursdays seemed to be good for everyone for now. We can't have a missing member for 8 weeks that's just insane! Vacation is one thing(RENEEEEEEEE the woman that goes on multiple vacations for 8 weeks in a row!). Ana brought us each these amazing goodie bags with tons of chipboard pieces, she is tooooo sweet!! They are so cool I'm working on my first card with them as I type, well not really as! Anyhoo we did a little challenge game Dianne has named Slap & Tickle! HA! We do crack ourselves up. The basic rules of the challenge are posted at Schnockers along with these 2 layouts! It was a hoot we laughed and laughed until I was almost asleep at the table at midnight! Wow I was exhuasted yesterday for no real good reason except it got really cold again!

Not bad for 30 min timed limited supply layouts! I was happy just to complete something! I usually talk to much to get anything done when everyone is over!


Rita said…
These layouts ROCK Marnie -- I love the bright colors and they're just FUN! I can't wait to check out the schnockered (did I spell that right??) blog!