Caught Up

Now with my layouts for the Big Picture class Product Playground. Having so much fun! This past week was? Can you guess? Hmmmmm? I know your stumped, LOL. Buttons these are some awesome Autumn Leaves buttons I got from Croppers Cottage. The red/ivory/black combo of course I only used red ones. I have to say I still have tons left even after this!

Emily is still a bit sick today but she is eating and is wanting to play more so she's getting better thank goodness. Abbi went to school today she was so excited to get to see her friends again! Trying a new recipe tonight it's in the crockpot now. Chicken/BBQ sauce/Cranberries sounds yummy and Em picked the veggie to go with it! Yum-O. Dave got a call back on his interview from this week he's so excited! And the snow is melting so that means soon we'll find his keys, we hope! HA Yup they've been in the snow since our last big snowstorm!
Okie dokie time to play with the kiddos!


Dianne said…
This is absolutely gorgeous!