A Bitty Christmas Cheer

So yesterday we left on an adventure in the City our adventure over we've finally returned home! We drove in during rush hour in the rain! Big fun but we were at least moving where the people coming out of the city were not! Abs checked out a Strawberry Shortcake CD from the Library so we had that to listen to! (I can now sing the SS theme song if anyone is interested! Please say your not it's stuck in my head!) Anyhoo we're almost to Armitage which is the area in which Jen lives and we're meeting her at the hotel when Abs decides we must go home now her "tummy hurts and she needs some food in it". I kid you not after an hour in the car already and we've made it through the rough part of traffic! HA! I called Jen and she suggested we stop by her and drop off some stuff we were bringing and pick up some crackers then we would all head to the hotel at the same time. Cool so we did and I parked for the very first time where there was no parking in the alley with my blinkers on for over 20 min and nothing happened can you imagine(let me just say I only had a car for a brief moment when I lived in the city rarely drove it because of the pain in the $(#)! So after saying Hi to Jens DH and goodbye and packing up we headed into the heart of the city I only had to honk once and flip off one cabby not too bad! HA! Once we got checked into the hotel the girlies wanted to swim so we donned our bathing suits and headed down to the over clorinated over crowded pool for about half and hour. Abs was in and out in and out and so on. Finally they decided we might eat so we dried, dressed and headed to a restaurant for dinner. By the time we finished there we were back to the room and it was almost 9pm way late for the girlies. Jen and Samantha headed out and the girls and I got ready for bed they were excited we all hopped into bed read a book then watched a little TV until we couldn't hold our eyes open anymore!

Today we woke up and checked out ate breakfast then headed to American Girl Place for the most awesome day! First the Bitty Bear Matinee then a little shopping and off to lunch in the Cafe! Very cool Christmas decorations and of course the girls loved all the food and borrowing dolls to eat with. Abs didn't want to give hers back but after a little talking and a lot of crying we finally headed for home! More Strawberry Shortcake music! Now I'm really good at that song! At least we weren't in the car as long today! All in all we had a GREAT time it was nice to sit and chat with Jen. She's only got 4 more weeks until the new baby is here! Our last all girly outing for awhile since she's adding a boy to her family!

So the pics above are from AG place. Now that we're home I'm tearing apart the scraproom. Got a bug in my bonnet that it needs to be cleaned and organized before the new year! Maybe I can work in here again? Instead of the dining room! HA!