Some Days I Love This Hobby More Than A Girl Should?

So I'm sitting outside the Girls Dance class today. Most of the time I don't really chat with the other Mom's they are either reading, chasing smaller children or deep in conversation or whatever we all do our own thing we say Hi make small talk and then move on to our thing. So anyway today I took some unmounted stamps that needed to be cut and was quietly sitting there cutting and imagining my projects when a Mom happens to mention that she needs to do that also. So we start talking about Stamp stores and stamps and she says well I'm not so much a stamper as a scrapbooker. BINGO really me to! So anyway long story short 45 min passed in what seemed like 2 and we each made a new buddy in our own town. I'm so excited!

This hobby makes me so happy for the people I get to meet. I wouldn't know some of my best friends if it weren't for this hobby I wouldn't be as close as I am to my SIL if it weren't for this hobby probably and my life wouldn't be as enriched by my discovered friends if it weren't for this hobby!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Christi Snow said…
What a fabulous blog post this morning, Marnie!! Thanks for the reminder about the happy side of this hobby! How fun to have a new friend!!! Smiles!
becky said…
what a great feeling to make a new scrappin' buddy!!
Mitchell Kraft said…
I love getting to meet people through scrapbooking....Like you Marnie!! ;)

Can't wait to get to see you agian!!

And THANKS SOOO MUCH for letting
Mary Jo said…
I totally agree!
Have met some fabulous people all because of scrapbooking!
We are just kindred spirits :)
Rita said…
How exciting Marnie! This hobby is great for so many reasons -- and meeting new friends is certainly one of the best!