Monday Monday - 1st Day Summer Break

Ok it's here Summer Break! It's a beautiful day perfect 70's sunny no humidity. I had such big plans when I went to bed we would go for a walk, come home playout outside on the bikes water the plants come in eat lunch do some site words outside etc. etc. All around great start with a little bit of schoolwork but mostly play! I've been preping for the last couple of weeks for this. So at 6AM Abbi comes in crying her ear hurts. Very strange my kids are rarely sick(knocking wood) so fine she sleeps in our bed a little bit then leaves Dave is up and ready for work she's telling me her ear hurts and showing us she's really serious. Dave heads to work they have to pick up the playroom(Tornado Girlie went through yesterday!). Crying screaming pain laying down falling asleep and on and on for about an hour. Fine Mommy gives up downstairs to check out the hours for the Dr. I give her Motrin she's screaming she doesn't need medicine she doesn't want juice she doesn't need the Dr. etc. basically anything we try. Finally she calms down a bit after the motrin and I get an appt at the Dr. but have to be there in 25 min. Ok we get there dressed and everything and the Dr says there's nothing they can see wrong with her ear? Maybe it's starting maybe it was something else? Maybe there was water and it drained? Maybe maybe mabye but there's nothing wrong with her.

So mommy FREAKED for nothing. Anyway they gave us a prescription just in case we're to fill it if it seems to get worse. So we just watch! We got doughnut holes on the way home and they came in and cleaned the playroom no crying or fighting. Then they played ponies and now they are outside running around and she is screaming as she runs but this time in joy, maybe she is ok? So much for the plan! But at least they are happy and healthy for now! Tomorrow is another day! Phew! Tomorrow Day 2 of Summer Break Activities!