I know I know

I Suck I'm forever apologizing for not posting anything not even a picture or two or four! I have lots now! Now that we're all clear I a LAMO blogger we can move on!

So for a recap! Schools out finally, celebrated by taking a bunch of Kiddos and Dianne to the movie Cars!!!! VERY CUTE and we all had a great time! Baseball is still going and going and going although today's game got called for rain! WEEEEEEE! It's cold and crappy here! Oh well great scrapping weather! Emily lost her first tooth I will upload a pick shortly! Abbi is sort of trying to potty train, SORT OF being the opperative word! Oh well it will happen I'm trying not to stress! Dave is stressed about it enough for both of us! Oh yeah and Dave got a job! WOOO 9 months of him out of work doing contract stuff and finally! A breather for us!