So Abs is just too stinkin cute sometimes! It's that age! Where she talks constantly and most of the time it's perfectly clear and once in awhile she changes a word. Like up until this week she called Banana's, Nana's which made sense and was fine we understood what she wanted and goodness knows she rarely has time to properly pronounce words there is way to much playing to be done for goodness sake! But this week she was assisting me in offering snacks to a playdate of Em's and she explained how "we have applesauce and BoooooNanas!" which is just too cute for words and she's been saying it ever since. And much to Dave's dismay so have I! It's moments like this that I ache inside knowing that she is growing up way too fast for my liking and this will only last another week before we move on to some much worse fate that only a 3 year old can dream up! "COMING SOON: What our Preschooler Repeated!" LOLOLOL


Rita said…
That is SOOOO stinkin' cute! I may have to drive my family crazy and say "BoooooNanas" too! LOL! I love when they say things their own way!