Band-Aid Girly!

So I've been a bad blogger! Slapping things on here and there! I've been running around putting band-aids on everything that needs to get done and I'm finally sensing some calm. Phwewwwwww! I'm ahead of schedule at the moment but that could change of course at any moment especially with kids invovled! Hee Hee!

So what's happening here! T-Ball in practice sessions, Dance preparing for recital and Daisy's nearing an end but starting Brownie recruiting! School is starting to prepare us for summer break and it's only APRIL! Otherwise everything is still the same here!

So what's creative going on? I have a bunch of projects in the fire right now I'm trying some new techniques. In part since I started doing the Cottage newsletter I have discovered I'm not really that far behind technically since I started staying home. Or maybe it's just an easier learning curve for me. Anyway it's sparked something in me that I can now do other things I thought were impossible or at the very least improbable!

I am teaching 2 classes this weekend on Friday Springy Cards I'm sooooo happy spring is here and one Saturday which is at the Church and will include Mothers Day Greetings and some Grad stuff since I won't be back there until after graduations. Next week I'm doing a template class which I'm sooo very excited about and can't wait to share the samples with you! YUM-O! Your going to die when you see them!

The girls are also on a creative binge lately since the Easter Bunny brought them craft kits and Grandma Gayle gave them stamps and ink. The glow in the dark window cling sticker kit not good for Daddy he gave it a thumbs down but everything else was a success and the perfect subsitute for too much CANDY!

So it's Wed. and I'm scrapping with the girls tonight well I'm working on an assignment but it's scrapping to some extent so I'm good! I just have to find my table it's covered with schtuff! I suppose people want to sit down in the chairs not on the floor? BUMMER! Going to do a little picking up and finish pulling supplies for tonight!

Have a great rest of the day look for a new layout later!