What a wonderful day!

Ok so I'm all caught up on my 21 day Journal with Rhonna. And I feel good getting it all out on paper! I've finished a boatload of layouts this week well a boatload for me is like 6! Granted I was rotating them around working on them till I had to stop moving on to the next. This method seems to work well for me I don't stress about finishing it until there is something so lame left to do that I just have to do it and be done! This week the lameness was that I had to dig out my rubber mallet to smash a bottle cap. So lame but it took me 3 days to get around to! In the mean time I started and finished 3 other layouts. I was finished with the layouts in seconds after that. Wacky the way my mind works.

I finished Kyle's football cards they turned out well I'll post them later today. He was thrilled to get them Sat. I'm glad I could make him so happy with something so small!

And the BIG BIG news of the day EMILY can really read!!! She's a reader. My mom bought her a series of books from Pottery Barn Kids when we were visiting and a couple of weeks ago she really struggled with them but today she was reading her way through them FANTASTICALLY! I'm so excited for her that she can read not only her HOP books but these new ones! We were giggling about it all morning how good she is at them!! What an accomplishment for her! I do have to say the HOP program has really helped her get excited about reading. She loves school and all but the games in the HOP program are so much fun and she worked really hard in the last couple of weeks getting through the entire game on level 1 she was sooooo EXCITED to reach the end! She posted a posty on the computer with a star and in it she wrote I DID IT! I'm putting this symbol on each page of my 21 day journal to encourage myself to be more like Emily and Just DO IT!

Last but not least today I'm announcing the APRIL Layout/Card Contest at the Cottage! I'm so excited about these contest packages and the prizes! They are so FANTABULOUS ! I can't stand it I want to shout from the rooftops!

Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!