Monday, March 06, 2006


Totally a bad blogger but I haven't been on the computer all weekend I did some stuff Friday night online then didn't return until this morning! And do you know why? Well besides the fact that I was busy, which I was! It was mostly because I'm the kind of girl that has Piles of stuff all over her house! You know you all have a friend like this! Well that's me! So anyway since we had guest I piled stuff up on the computer desk and vowed to clean and I removed things! What better reason to avoid the computer! So I now have a place to type and I can see the screen but only barely! LOL

Anyway Friday night Dianne and I met up with Nancy from the Cottage and took her up to one of our local Archivers. I was excited to get some Making Memories paper I had wanted a while back on clearance and a very cool Paisly Stamp along with a new set of my most favorite American Crafts pens. Nancy got the absolute cutest album for her vacation pics it has flip flops all over it! FANTABULOUS! I think it was by Kolo! Dianne was the well behaved one of the bunch she got some DB rub on letters and the same cool Cube of paislies I did. All and all it was a great trip and great to meet Nancy!

I came home that night to paint my Conductors wands for the goodie bags for the party on Saturday then I vegged in front of My Family (love that show). I did some cleaning up and baked the cakes as well.

Saturday was insane in the Morning the girls and I sorted out the playroom it was soooo bad then I watched a bit of Little Einsteins with Abbi only to find I painted the wands the wrong color so after Dave took the girls to pick up the veggie tray and stuff I repainted the wands the right color and decorated the cake made the chilie, corn muffins and cleaned the rest of the house I hand't gotten too in the week. Finally I dressed. I'm lucky my MIL showed up early to help! She ended up cooking the hot dogs and putting the goodie bags together with all the stuff. And Grandpa blew up the balloons before the guests arrived. I was able to just finish the cake as people were walking in the door. There is a pic below it's a bit off to one side! Bummer! But the party was a success and I think everyone had a good time.

Sunday I tried to run around and do errands I hadn't been able to do last week while working on the party. But it took me forever just to go 3 places with the snow coming down. We ended up with about 2" and more still coming today! It should be all melted by tomorrow with the warm up we're supposed to get! Anyway we starting digging out from the party and I finsihed a layout and an Altered project I was very excited!

So this morning back online back to work gotta do some laundry and other stuff today! I did update all the submission stuff at Croppers Cottage! Added lots of new stuff and took out the old! Gotta love that! Now I'm just catching up on emails and messages!

Have a great day!

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Rita said...

You have been one busy lady! So great that you got to meet Nancy -- sounds like you had fun!