Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Daisy Daisy!!!

Ok so we had our 3rd Daisy meeting this afternoon. Finally one that I feel went well. I'm trying really hard to be more organized this year in all aspects of my life. This includes my little Daisy Troop! I missed the leader meeting this month didn't open the email until yesterday the meeting was the 9th. Oooops so much for my organization. Anyway I have the group pretty much organized and have them working on stuff for next month and we're moving along although I'm not sure how we'll catch up after our late start and my utter lack of Girl Scout knowledge! Emily even participated a lot she had a great time and was looking so forward to it she drew an aswesome picture in school of our meeting I shall scan it and load it here.

I went to the post office today and oh my even my quiet little post office had a line forever almost to the door CRAZY in the middle of the day! But I discovered the joy of the 24hr postal machine! This thing is awesome! I put my packages up there and it did all the work I ordered the stamps it shot them out at me and I got all my packages in the mail even the one I've been driving around in my car with for over a month now! SOOORRRRRY CHRISTI!!!!!! My kids were so exaserpated with that poor box because I threatened them not to step on it and it was always in their way! Did I mention I hate going to the post office But now with this machine there I might change my mind!

Last night was my date to see HP4. A great seafood rest. we love to eat at over by Dave's parents closed so instead of driving around we went to Applebee's which is always decent. I got Dave to try the Maple Butter Blondie{yes he turned up his nose, I did that the first time I read it}. OHHHHH MAN is it yummy! I had to fight for bites he devoured it and after he whined how full he was!!!! LOL

Anyway the movie was good it was very dark and very violent even Dave commented when we left how it didn't really seem like a kid movie anymore. Which is true I suppose as they grow older in the books. I'm glad I finally saw one of them in the movie theatre. Since I go to the movies about once a year it was good that this time it was something I really wanted to see! We saw previews for the new Pink Panther movie with Steve Martin that looked funny we may break our once a year routine and go again???????

Over on the message board the ladies are talking about cheesecake and they are killing me. I like cheesecake, make one for Dave every year on his birthday. Have been known to order it out especially at the Cheesecake Factory but never until now have I craved cheesecake! AHHHHH how many points do you think a CF slice is??? NOOO I don't want to know! Don't tell me!

Have a great evening everyone!

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