Flying Home

 A quick masculine card using the Magnificent Pine, Puffy Clouds and the Flying Goose to build a die cut scene.  I also used a bit of chalk ink and cardstock.  And I have to give credit to my girlies they help me by doing all of the die cutting.  

Here the geese are stopping on their way home after wintering in the South.  We're a stop over for about half of them although the other half will make their homes here.  There is an awful lot of honking on a daily bases as they fly over and the pond over by Ab's grade school is covered with them resting and eating.  Just in the center where the ice is melted all stacked up.

Has anyone noticed I have a problem with Memory Box dies?  Shhhhhhhhh... don't tell anyone!!!  I can't stop collecting them.   I just moved my dies into new storage today, since I couldn't fit the new ones I've purchased in the last week into my old storage.  EEEK   I believe yesterday was the first day I didn't buy a new one while I was at work in quite some time.  But seriously I stared at them and used all of my energy and the tons of customers we had yesterday to keep me from coming home with the Umbrella which I believe I can't live without,  this week.....  It was still hanging on the hook when I left.   See I'm pining over a die and I already have another Umbrella die(banging head on desk).  Oh well I'm back to work today I can pine some more if it's not already gone I'm sure it will be a different one today.  I do have a lot of things to work on so keeping fingers crossed. 

Hope everyone is having  a great week.  Thanks for  stopping by.