Bad Bad Blogger

So I suck I realize this. I'm not sure what I've been doing but it's not been at the computer this week. Well I taught a stamping class Friday and I'm afraid I had no samples done until the last minute! So there was a lot of that!

Last Saturday round 5 of the Gauntlet was due over at Scrapperie. We were asked to make a mini album of simple things. You can see each of the pages of my album of Chicago Circa 2008 here in the gallery and the journaling etc. This was fun and I will treasure it always as a memento from our little anniversary celebration in the city. I actually made it to round 6 I was very surprised but excited. And to have something you love as a result is even better!


Dianne said…
This definitely deserved to go on to Round did a great job on it.
Rita said…
What a fantastic mini album -- I just love Chicago and you got some great photos!