Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where is the warm weather?

This morning they said it would get up to 70? The kids are even starting to question spring and maybe even summer? I put out a short sleeve top for Em today and she asked if I really thought it would be warm enough for this. When I told her what I heard on the radio she asked me if I really believed that! HA She's right I let her change!

So what's happening here? I have grilled dinner every day this week so far! I'm trying to figure out what to grill tonight? Last night was Thai Chicken Skewers. Hmmm Turkey Burgers or Italian Sausage? No more skewers for awhile. I think mine got a little dried out when I opened the grill they were flaming! OOOPPPPS! Abbi and I are going to have lunch with Dave and maybe we'll head over to Deerpark I have a return to do. Last night scrapping started again after a what seemed like forever 2 week hiatus. Really it seemed like months! Well I'm off to do Laundry yet again! Have a great day and just try to stay warm!

OOOOH the layout is of Dave and Abbi planting she was supervising. Scenic Route is the paper!


Dianne said...

Marnie...your layout is Gorgeous! I love the swirls with the words in perfect!

Jens Place in Space said...

this layout is gorgeous!