Where did my week go????

Wow it's been busy! Staff Appreciation at school and deadlines, spring and Birthdays. Things are ending and beginning all at the same time! May is a crazy month. Here is a card I made using justjohanna's Earth stamp. I colored it with prismacolor pencils and then glittered them all up with stickles! Fun Fun! Waiting for it to dry was not so much but then I'm impatient!

So in the last 2 weeks Emily has been on the morning announcements 3 times. They film as it airs live on a TV in each classroom. She's very excited. Last week she and her friend Gaby did the announcements this week they were picking raffle prizes for the teachers and staff. I love that while our kids are on they let us go in and watch that's nice!

Today Dave is going for his echo? Hopefully? He had Dad's and doughnuts at school too so he took the day off and took the snowblower in for repair. He thinks the snow has finally ended? HA Crazy Man! Ok off to run some errands and rush back to do some stuff for the newsletter. Have a good one!


Dianne said…
Marnie...Emily looks just adorable sitting at that table. I think she may have a future career in communications!
And...I love your earth card...especially all glittery!
Rita said…
Look at Emily -- so grown up! Great pics!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Mother's Day!