Round 2

This was my shaped card creation for the Gauntlet! I have to say the gallery was flooded with brilliant cards I can't even imagine how hard it was to choose. Speaking of Scrapperie. Randi got her first kit from them this weekend well after she got back from her family time. She was very excited yesterday on the phone telling me about everything. I cannot wait to see it! I wish we were scrapping this week. I'm having withdrawls. Dianne and I were trying to figure out if we could go over to the neighbor that was getting her mail and explain we needed to open the box to check to make sure it was SAFE.....really we're just looking out for her.....really we are..... We decided they wouldn't understand our need to tear into her mail! HA

Anyway about my little card. Well it's actually approx 6x6. After enlarging justjohanna's balloon I cut it out of a card then paper pieced on top of that the details. The riders in the balloon are all justjohanna friends. Some of them are happy to be traveling together, some not so much! I did color them with my glaze pens to make them pop!


Kathi Rerek said…
Oh my. This is way too cute. I love it!