Friday, December 28, 2007

And Then.......Jackson Arrived!

It's time to open Christmas Presents thank goodness they were bouncing off the walls asking!
The long awaited arrival of Jackson happened! Emily asked for Nikki, Jackson and Sammy for Christmas so she had a very American Girl Christmas. Abbi too she got all the Ballerina stuff for her and for Bitty.

Here he is in all his glory!
The next day Grandma and Grandpa came over and we took them to Cabella's and Ikea then later we went out to dinner and up to Cuneo to see the Christmas lights. The snow the night before was perfect for viewing lights. Cris and Sara had to head back for a Chuckie Cheese b-day party for Luke on Sunday.
We had a wonderful weekend with Family. Mom and Joel headed back on Monday bright and early.
After this we had Caroling with the Girl Scouts at the retirement home. And baking cookies for the cookie exchange. That brings us up to the 18th goodness gracious! After that it was the class parties and Imagine Christmas at Willow Creek. We picked up and decorated our Gingerbread house, finished shopping and wrapping,went to Grandma Marilyn's on Christmas Eve. Mommy and Daddy went out to a movie(alone) and then back home to prepare for Santa's arrival. We sprinkled reindeer food outside and remembered to put out the key and do a plate of cookies but Mommy forgot the milk in Santa's cup. He seemed to have found it in the fridge though. And then it was Christmas Morning! Since then it's been playdates for the girls and playing in the snow. Mommy had her Scrap night so she got a playdate as well! The gingerbread house is leaning and the candy and parts of the roof and wall are missing! Today it snowed enough to build a village of people in the backyard or a wall of very boulder like snowballs? The roads are clear and Dave is home for another 4 days in a row so we'll have some fun for the new year! And maybe even possibly we'll get some of the Christmas stuff down and put away! Oh I have such high hopes!

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Dianne said...

I can't believe it's time to put stuff feels like we just got it all up!