Saturday, April 29, 2006

One template many looks well this is the standard look but I still love it so we had to do this one in class! The template class was good everyone enjoyed themselves and really love the template they took home. Since we only did 2 things from the template instructions the other ideas are all bonus and give them more ways to use one envelope template! I have one piece left that is a box/bag that needs to be photographed but we are sunless at the moment! As soon as we get something other than gloom I'll take a pic! Or maybe I'll be outside???? LOL! Have a Great Day! Posted by Picasa


Christi Snow said...

Marnie, These are all gorgeous, but this one is my favorite...Beautiful!!!

Rita said...

Marnie -- I just love all these cards. They are so pretty! I always love your cards though, so it's no surprise!