I'll Be Better in 2006!!!!!!

I swear I will! The Holiday's and everything just knocked me off my feet! And now it's over!

Happy New Year!

I'm making some resolutions here in hopes that putting it out there will help me reach my goals.

1) Blog everyday! Ok Ok Every week!

2) Complete 200 layouts this year!

3) Journal more and better on layouts!

4) Send at least 5 items in a month for publication!

5) Spend more time with my family making memories and remember the camera!

6) for a non scrapping one cook more eat out less!

7) read at least one GREAT book a month.

I think that's about it for now. I'm forgoing the diet and exercise routine this year. I never do it anyway! I want to resolve to do things I want to do!

So how is everyone spending their First day or even week in the NEW YEAR? I'm at the cyber crop over at Croppers Cottage we're having a blast! Tonight we had Denise from Scrapworks on to chat and tomorrow the ladies from Sweetwater are coming to talk to us. Later this week Heidi Swapp it chatting along with Stacy from Junkits and many others! It's all very exciting and I have almost complete 2 layouts today. Sooooo exciting!

Anyway if you get some time stop by and visit! If not make some memories this year!